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Afternoon All
Grab a cuppa ...this is a long post LOL
I thought you all deserved an explanation as to why I haven't been blogging
Unfortunately at the end of February we had some really bad news ... our 18 year old son Daniel has been diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma (Cancer of the Lymph Nodes)
As you can imagine the news has devastated us ... for the past few weeks Daniel has been undergoing a battery of tests and scans and last week everything was confirmed ... he has stage 2 cancer and will need to undergo Chemotherapy.  He had his first dose last Wednesday and seems to be coping really well
He is being treated at University College Hospital in London and we have to go up there weekly for the next 6 weeks for his Chemotherapy. 
The good news is that the prognosis is good and hopefully when the treatment finishes he will be cured
As you can imagine the last thing I have felt like doing is crafting and it wasn't until this weekend that I actually started looking at blogs again and feeling like I wanted to do some crafting
The last few weeks have been awful and if it wasn't for the fantastic care Daniel is receiving I don't know what we would do ... the unit he is being treated at has been funded by TEENAGE CANCER TRUST and I decided that I wanted to do some fundraising to help this fantastic charity
I have decided to do two things ... I'm doing a sponsored slim and hope to lose 2stone in 3months ... I started last Wednesday (the day Daniel started his Chemotherapy) and am doing really well (I've lost 5lbs already) and have created a fundraising page for people to donate ... if you would like to donate please click on the link below or even if you don't donate pop over and have a look at the fantastic work they do and the amazing facilities where Daniel is being treated
They would be so grateful for any donations made and it's such a worthwhile charity
I have also decided that as and when I get back into crafting I will be selling the cards I make .. As I "blog" them there will be details on how to buy them ... all proceeds I receive will go straight to the charity as well
Well .. hopefully you are still with me LOL so thanks for taking the time to listen to me and I hope to be back blogging very soon
I'll leave you with a pic of me and my boy on his 18th birthday in December last year ...


  1. Oh goodness Lynne, you have certainly been through it and as I have a Son who will be 18 this year can fully appreciate how you must have felt when you received that news - I would have been devastated. It's good to know he is getting the care he needs and is in good hands and also that the outlook looks positive too. Big hugs to you both and please keep us updated on progress. Hugs and love, Claire xx

  2. Hi blondie,
    You know I am behind you all the way sweetie.
    I hope the treatment goes ok for Dan and that the travelling isn't too much for you all.
    Big hugs and best wishes to you all
    Much love
    Dawn xxxx

  3. Hi lovely,
    Thinking of you, and willing Dan better. Put your link on my blog.
    Love,melly. xxx

  4. Big hugs and best wishes to you all.
    hugs Dorte

  5. So sorry to hear this!!! Just know that they do wonders with this disease. I have 2 members of my family who have had this, one age 14, one age 4, and now they are both free of this cancer. Keep your chin up, and I will be waiting for your son's MIRACLE :O) Hugs! Leah Ann

  6. What horrible news! Take comfort in the fact that the entire blogging community is kicking this cancers ass with you and your family.

    Good luck with the fundraising - don't hesitate to shout up if you need any help!

  7. Hi sweetie...I'm so very sorry to hear about thoughts are with you all...and willing Dan better...

    biggest of hugs my lovely....Vicky xx

  8. Hi Lynne I will put a link on me blog for you..plz. know the Tilderettes are with you & Dan all the way sweetie..Good luck with the treatment Dan & you with the slimming Lynne..I hope your fundraising target goes thro the

    smiles mummy Tilderette..XXXXXXXXX

  9. Thinking of you and Daniel and sending big hugs.

    Toni xx

  10. I am so sorry to hear your sad news x

    Can you not donate cards for the trust to sell?

    In the Easter hols, I donated 95 cards that I had made to the Royal Marsden in Sutton. My Dad was treated there. Sadly we lost Dad 3 yrs ago.

    I received a lovely letter from them on Friday, which made my day.

    If they do take cards to sell, perhaps you could do a blog call for all bloggers to donate a card. Please let me know, I would be only too happy to help x

    hugs sally x

  11. OMG!!!! Lynne how awful i am so sorry, i did not realise this was your blog as its changed colour! i havent been around much lately either so hadn't noticed you weren't blogging. Anyhow onto your sad news, i cant begin to image what you must be going through , my son is 13 and this must rock your world!
    I have friend who was diagnosed with the same thing 4 years ago and she is fine now, she is 52, poor Daniel oh how cruel the world can be!
    I just wanted you to know i am rooting for you and send all my deepest wishes, love and hugs, i will keep popping by to see how things are going. Chin up lynne it will b ok!
    p.s good luck with the diet
    Big Big Bugs Di xxxx

  12. Lynne you have a handsome son there!, i nearly wept when i read your post im so sorry hun.But hey things seem to be going ok!
    I will keep Dan in my prayers every day,
    Wishing you all very best, i will keep an eye out as how to help.
    Bless you all.

  13. Tried to donate but it failed, will come back

  14. Hi - Just wanted to say that two years ago my 21 year old son was diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma - he also had a huge tumor in his chest and three tumors on his spleen. He had 12 sessions of Chemotherapy and 15 of Radiotherapy. He is now in remission and has been for one year. If it is of any help I have posted a recent photo of my son on my blog It may give your son some encouragement. I now sell all of my cards in aid of cancer. I do hope your fundraising goes well. Best wishes to you both. Marie-Louise

  15. Dear Lynne my prayers are with you, your family and your handsome son!
    Paola Sullivan

  16. Hiya. Mandy and Dragonlady sent me.... I just want to send you and your family lots of love and luck. Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx

  17. Oh gosh Lynne - I feel for all your family. I was diagnosed with this lymphoma and have gone through it twice now......... but I'm sure Daniel will cope well. He looks such a handsome lad (sorry, showing my age......) and am positive all will be well. All my thoughts and orayers are with you all.


    Karen x

  18. Hey hun, hope you are ok? i have a question.... are you Christines daughter?? aka nanaseaside??
    just popping over to try and donate again.
    Speak soon?
    hugs Di xxx

    1. Hi Di .. long time no speak ... LOL no I'm not Christine's daughter ... she is mummy to all us Tiderettes and that's what we call her .. I lost my mum 9 years ago this June but would be proud to have her as my substitute :)
      Thanks so much for commenting ... I will email you soon :)
      Lynne xx

  19. Just letting you know your in my prayers and thoughts. Hang in there.

  20. Just wanted to let you and your family know you are in my thoughts and prayers. I think what you are doing is a great big wonderful thing. Keep up the good work!

  21. You and your son are very much in my thoughts and prayers.

  22. I also tried to donate but it failed too :-( Tried twice with 2 different cards. I'll try again tomorrow. You're in my thoughts, and I wish you all the best. I'd like to donate some card toppers to you for the cards you'll be making to sell, Susie Sugar knows me and has bought my products in the past. Please let me know if this is any help :-)



    1. Hi Tracy
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment - I am just about to email you :)
      Lynne xxx

  23. Hi Lynne,
    I have only just seen this on Mandy's blog, I just want to tell you how sorry I am to read this, I wish your Son all the best and sending you hugs, take care. Teresa x

  24. Like Teresa I just saw this on Mandy's blog and didn't realise this was "Lynne" Lynne, if you know what I mean :-) I'm sorry to read that you've had such hard to take news, I know the next few months are not going to be easy for you but I feel that the prognosis is good and your son being young and obviously otherwise healthy he'll come through it okay. Just thought I'd let you know I'm thinking of you (my son was in hospital two weeks ago with infected Lymph Nodes, which was scary enough) Donna ♥

  25. Hi Pet was directed here from another blog, Im sorry about your news I have a daughter that age and I can imagine how devastating this is for everyone, Thankfully the treatment is available for your lovelys on. If you need any cards you can have any of mine you want darlin to sell. I m thinking of you all and keeping your son in my prayers, gentle huggies June xxxx

  26. Hi Lynne

    Just came over from Liz,s blog and read your story. I am so sorry to hear about your son. I think its great that you are donataing. I also make all my cards and sell them for charity, so please let me know if your need any and I would be happy to send you some.

    These charities need all our help - this year I am supporting alzheimers as my mother is a suffer of this illness.

    Please give your son a big hug from me.


  27. Hi Lynne...I have no idea howI happened upon your blog...but I am so glad I did! I'm so sorry to hear about your sweet son's diagnosis. I know what a diagnosis like that feels least for a mother! My own son, Andy, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkin's Lymphoma a little more than 10 years ago. He was in his early 20's and just out of the Navy...had fallen in love and was ready to take on the world! I was devastated when we were given the diagnosis. I'm a nurse...and worked on an Oncology/Cancer unit for a year after I graduated from nursing I knew a bit about Andy's cancer. What you say is true...Hodgkin's is treatable...and, in fact, curable!! My son went through 6 months of chemo...and I can tell you that, today, he is alive and well...and CANCER FREE for 10 years! YAY!! So...hang in there, sweetheart...and know that it's gonna suck to see your baby be sick...but he looks strong...and is soooooo gonna kick this thing in the butt!! Hang in there! My thoughts and prayers are with you. My email is and my blog is Please let me know if there's anything I can do...or if you just want to chat...I have Skype!! Hugs. Pat Frank

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